Australian Rally Museum 2014 Masterpiece Commemoratives

Australian Rally Museum 2014 Masterpiece Commemoratives

Australian Rally Museum 2014 Masterpiece Commemoratives
Monday, 17 February 2014 09:37
It is almost time again for the Australian Rally Museum’s annual Historical Project and Fundraiser. Each year the Museum has five different ‘Commemorative Display Pieces’ commissioned to be auctioned at the Australian Rally Hall of Fame Gala Evening.These ‘Important Pieces’ which will be offered individually for Auction on the 27th February, are the only examples ever to be offered for sale, and are thus unique. Only one other set of “twin pieces” has been created, which will be kept for permanent display by the Museum, never to be sold.Auction Advertisement 2014Each ‘Commemorative’ has taken hours of meticulous planning, months of gathering content material, and then many more hours in the actual creation.

All but one of the pieces feature hand signed autographs of our Rally Greats, including both past and present World Rally Champion Drivers and Co Drivers.  Of course, many of these autographs are extremely collectible in their own right. Also, the model cars used in 3 of the “pieces” are extremely collectible, even before they have been “Rally Australia” customized.

All of the ‘Commemorative Pieces’ have been framed under acrylic (not glass), and are completed with a handsome frame that would adorn any office, corporate foyer, boardroom or home collection. They are able to be packaged and shipped to any location worldwide. The three model dioramas have been tastefully lit using 12 volt LED lighting which can be adapted to any mains supply.

Finally, each piece will come with an Authenticity Certificate endorsed by former World Rally Champion, Ari Vatanen, who will be a guest speaker on the evening of the auction.


This is a “Once Only” opportunity to own one of these ‘Iconic Australian Rally Commemoratives’. These pieces are offered for sale on the International Market by way of absentee bidding, in conjunction with the live auction.


For a detailed description of the auction pieces and/or an absentee bidding sheet, please with the word “Auction” in the heading before the 24th February, 2014 .


Lot # 1.

“Podium Positions” – Southern Cross International Rallies 1966 to 1980.

A collage of rare historic photographs pictorially displaying all ‘Place Getting Cars’ from arguably Australia’s most world renowned Rally. This piece at 1 metre high by 1 and one half metres wide, generously showcases many of Australia’s most iconic rally cars and is complimented by a ‘Podium Honours Board’ describing car, driver and co-driver.


Lot # 2.

“2013 Rally Australia WRC Entrants”.   It is often the case that we forget those that have come before.  All 10 World Rally Cars entered in the 2013 Rally Australia have been meticulously custom recreated in 1/43rd Scale Models to commemorate their participation in our country’s premier Rally Event. Each Driver and Co-Driver has given their hand signed autograph to this “World First” and the entire package has been lit and framed to enable its display.  Approx. 1220 mm high, 690 mm wide and   130 mm deep.


Lot # 3.

“2011 Rally Australia Podium Positions”.    Rally Australia successfully negotiated another ‘hurdle” in its WRC history in 2011 with its relocation to the Coffs Coast region of New South Wales. This custom made 1/18 Scale Model Diorama celebrates the 3 Podium place getters from 2011 with LED lighting to showcase its exacting detail. In addition, this stunning piece has been embellished with six of the Worlds Greats hand signed autographs. Approx. 770mm high, 910 mm wide and 270mm deep.


Lot # 4.

“1989 Rally Australia Podium Positions”.     1989 proved to be a pivotal year for the Sport of Rallying in Australia. It was the first time a Round of the World Rally Championship was held on Australian soil, West Australian red soil to be exact. It soon became a favourite “Drivers Event” unlike any other in the WRC. This 3 dimensional Diorama has been hand crafted, with each of the three 1/24th Scale Models custom made from scratch and is thus absolutely unique. The attention to detail is highlighted by LED lighting, and this extremely desirable piece features the hand signed autographs of some of the World’s all-time greatest Drivers and Co-Drivers.  Approx. 770mm high, 910mm wide and 230 mm deep.


Lot # 5.

The Cross Immortals”.  To win the Southern Cross International Rally was/is arguably the most coveted achievement in Australia Rallying. This honour was fiercely fought by large manufacturers employing the world’s best drivers in an era which has become known as the ‘hey-day’ of our sport. It was the ‘Bathurst’ of Rallying, and to win the ‘Cross’ meant becoming a household name in Australia. These ‘great names’ have now been recorded using rare photographs in  one important Pictorial which is complimented by  the hand signed autographs of all of these immortal Drivers and Co-Drivers such as Colin Bond, Harry Firth, George Fury,  Ross Dunkerton, Rauno Aaltonen and of course the “King of the Cross”, Andrew Cowan.  Approx.  1200 mm high and 1000 mm wide.


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